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Brewer student raps to shed light on mental health Featured

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BREWER - Among the voices clamoring for change in school safety, 18-year-old Robben Harris brings a unique sound

 Robben makes music, and a rap video he released Tuesday has a serious message; he's sick of violence and especially shootings at American schools.


He's speaking up, in part, because others, including a Parkland survivor, were dismissed by others for speaking out.


"Adults were shooting him down, and it was all over YouTube, but it got taken down before I even got a chance to look at the video," Harris said. "But then, later that day, I was driving and ideas just started [coming]."


The artist, heading to college in Brooklyn for music in the fall, put his thoughts to paper. Harris says he wants it to be harder for teens to get high-powered weapons, but his message is overwhelmingly about mental health.


"When you see that a kid's unhappy in school, and then you do something about it so the problem doesn't keep escalating and escalating," he added. "It becomes a revolving door."


Harris wants kids who need help to get it, before tragedy strikes in his town.


"I'm comfortable in my environment," he said. "But no place can be perfectly safe, not at this time."


Watch the full music video here:

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