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BREWER - If you live in Brewer you will be seeing an increase in your water bill.

The Brewer water department has filed for a change in metered water rates. When will this go into effect and how much of a raise are you going to see?


Brewer customers received a letter in the mail stating that the rate change is necessary to provide funding for water infrastructure replacements, upgrades, and repairs.


Superintendent of the Brewer water department Rodney Butler said: "As we look at those long-term and not wanting to take out a loan for most of those we need to be able to pay those out of the rates."


For minimum users, they will be looking at about 7 cents a day or $6.28 a quarter.


"And for an average bill which is around 15 hundred cubic feet of water. You're looking at $8.20 per quarter and 9 cents increase per day" said Butler.


He said there are things you can do to help cut cost. "People have already installed low flow toilets, make sure that your faucets aren't dripping, you know audit the water in your house you can read the meter yourself make sure look what you're using per day look at your usage look at the things that are high use. Careful when you're sprinkling your lawn, things like that."


This will go into effect June 1st, 2018. Butler says the last time Brewer water rates increased was 2005.


"Every time you want to increase rates to have to go before the PUC so we submit our case to the PUC then we have a public hearing, and then if everything goes through then they go into effect so we'd have to go back if we want to increase rates again we'd have to back through the same process" said Butler.


Members of the Brewer community aren't too happy about this rate change. A public hearing will be held Thursday, March 27th starting at 6 pm in the City Council Chambers at City Hall. The hearing will give customers the opportunity to testify, pose questions, and make any comments.


Customers opposed to the hike can also sign a petition that will ask the Maine public utility commission to investigate whether the increase is necessary.


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