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Bangor area teens to protest in solidarity with Parkland victims Featured

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BANGOR / ELLSWORTH - There's been a dominant outcry across the country recently toward keeping children and educators safe while they're at school. That movement has now officially made its way to the Bangor region.

 No longer just distant voices at rallies in far away states, children of Penobscot County communities came together Monday to demand change to gun legislation.


Over one dozen students from a handful of high schools showed up to the Bangor library to announce their plans to join in the "Walk for our Lives" protest Wednesday, started by the Marjory Stoneman Douglas students.


"We will stand for 17 minutes and read the names of these victims killed in this heinous tragedy," one girl passionately said. As she walked to the podium, her unzipped sweatshirt exposed a shirt that read, "Congress, your complicity is killing us."


When asked what difference teens can make, John Bapst junior Julia Bate said, "They can really strike emotion with the people who aren't in the schools every day. We're in the schools every day. We're learning about these things, we're seeing it in the media. We're really the most involved with it because it's our lives."


And it's not just high schoolers. Two Orono Middle School students spoke as well, as they've planned their own march on the 24th.


Meanwhile, in Ellsworth, adults had a turn to speak on safety, as they evaluated policy in the wake of a serious internet threat made to their high school.


"The narrative is still when you approach a school and see a cruiser outside, immediately your mind goes to, "What's wrong?" Police Chief Glenn Moshier said to the crowd. "We need to change that narrative, and it really needs to be that when you pull up to a school and see a police car in front of the school or parked to the side, it's just an everyday occurrence. It's just the way it is."


Moshier also touched on the school resource officer who, in January, saw the one year anniversary of their partnership.


The district also plans to sure up its visitor pass program, make sure teachers lock classroom doors when they're away, and teach students and parents to be vigilant online, as a growing number of threats and potential threats are found on social media.





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