Monday, 12 March 2018 10:37

Maine schools consider snow days with another impending storm

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BANGOR  and BETHEL (WGME) - Schools around Maine are deciding how to make up for the winter snow days that closed schools around the state.

Bangor has already used up its snow days for the season and will now have to remain open for an extra two days this spring. The last day of school will be June 19th although it's not expected to impact graduation.


Some other schools have also run very close to the end of the budgeted snow days and are hoping not to run over.


In Bethel, the local schools have also run over, but instead of adding additional days at the end of the year, the district has decided to lengthen school days by an hour to make up for the lost time. The district had its 9th snow day on Thursday.


MSAD 44 Superintendent David Murphy stated, "By adding the hour per day for the next 25 days, that will allow us to recoup five snow days, which means our kids wouldn't be in school deep, deep into June,"


One father of an MSAD 44 student, Chris Merrill, said "I think it's a better idea than extending days at the end of the year. We would have to go all the way into July, and who wants to do that."


Bethel school officials said it will be a time of year when there are fewer disruptions after school which will help handle the extra class time. But of course, any additional snowstorms could create more problems for schools throughout the state.