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Windy Warrior adrenaline therapy to launch in May

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PITTSFIELD - A local non-profit dedicated to helping Maine veterans is using adrenaline to combat post-traumatic stress disorder.

The Maine Veteran's Project will hold its first 2018 Windy Warrior sky-diving jump on May 28th.

The launch will take place at Vacationland Skydiving at the Pittsfield airport.

This video shows a beta-test of 17 different veterans, hand-selected by a number of different factors, going through the program in 2017.

"It tackles the issue from the nucleus, we're actually tackling PTSD from the root, using the actual drug that created it in the initial phases which is adrenaline and the program it self is so far 100% effectiveness," says Shawn Goodwin, founder of the Maine Veteran's Project. 

Darling's was the first sponsor for the program, donating a $3,000 dollar check earlier this week on Good Morning Maine. 

Goodwin says they hope to include other adrenaline-inducing catalysts as part of the program in the future.

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