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Skier back on the slopes after cancer diagnosis Featured

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HERMON - Skiers and fresh powder were reunited once again this this weekend at the Hermon Mountain ski area, but for one local girl fighting cancer, a reunion with the slopes is just what the doctor ordered.

"This is, what? My third or fourth time down on the mountain with these guys and I love it," said Sienna Probert, who is spending her Sunday skiing.

Since she started skiing three or four years ago, Sienna and Hermon Mountain have gone hand-in-hand.

"It's gonna be awesome," she said as she strapped on her skis for the day. 

Always looking forward to her time on the slopes.

"I've done it before," said Sienna. "It was fast and scary and worth every second."

And taking on the next challenge .

But then, life threw another kind of challenge at her.

"She was diagnosed with cancer almost two years ago now and that put the kibosh on skiing," said her father Brian Probert. 

18 months of chemo followed, along with a short period of remission.

"Now we're just trying to smile her face everyday," said her father. 

Skiing seemed like a like a long-lost past-time.

That is, until a few weeks ago.

"They came out to see if they could get Sienna tubing and then we mentioned the bi-ski," said Bill Whitcomb, Owner and Manager of Hermon Mountain. 

Her reunion on the slopes was like riding a bike.

"By the second run, Sienna was steering the bi-ski because she's a skier and understood how it worked," said Whitcomb.

You just never forget.

"She's just been a pleasure to be around and have coming out," he said.

"The support from the community and the school and Bill and the gang here at Hermon Mountain has been incredible," said Brian. "I never expected such generosity and support."

"The biggest thanks," said Sienna Sunday afternoon.

"Really, they've made my year."

A year made by reuniting her with her past love, despite all she has been through, and you can still say Sienna and skiing are a match made in heaven.

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