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Race against time for Senior cat looking for forever home Featured

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OLD TOWN - A long-time resident at Young's Elderly Care is in need of help.

Meet Micky he's a 14-year-old male cat, one of the longest-residents at Young's Elderly Care Home in Old Town. Before being residence-cat he was a neighborhood cat.


"Some neighbor wanted to take him to the SPCA or the Humane Society because they didn't know what to do with him and Gin the original owner said that she would take him in," said Kendall Shaler, who's mother has been a resident at the facility for several years


That was 11 years ago. The fluffy old-man spends most of his days keeping the elderly company.


"If anyone of the little old ladies or men were lying on the bed...he sensed that they were ill and he would just stay with them," said Shaler.


Those who've spent time with Micky know he makes a great companion.


"He's very quiet, sits on your lap, lets you do whatever you want to do and he just goes along with everything," said Terry Kubilius, Shaler's mom.


It's a race against time because Micky will soon be homeless. The owner of the facility is retiring and selling the home. There are only 2 residents left, once they're gone so is Micky.


"It's just so unfair to take him to the humane society when maybe somebody could just take him for a year or 6 months or whatever it is," said Shaler.


Micky is toothless but is in okay health, at least for an old man. It's harder for him to find a good home Because he's so old. Many want adopt a cute kitten.


"He's been the resident cat, doing his civil duty of taking care of little old ladies and little old men...let him have a nice home instead of taking him to the humane society," said Shaler.


He just needs a loving home to live out the rest of his golden age.


If interested in adopting old-man Micky contact Shaler at (207) 590-7289.

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