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BANGOR - People are always looking for ways to sustain energy.

Today local organizations came together to discuss creative climate change solutions that address local social and environmental issues in Maine.


The goal is to try and figure out how to get more grassroots action for all kinds of sustainability issues.


Community development officer Brooks Winenr said "Climate change, energy, local food, land conservation, and really try and bring more voices in to the table from all around the state."


People from all different regions of Maine that work on different issues came together to find solutions on climate change.


Student Paige Nygaard said "But help our communities strengthen our independence with an energy. Our resilience to different issues, when we're working on these things we could strengthen our economy, we can make sure that we have food to keep people healthy. There are so many reasons and benefits to work on these issues."


The new environmental grassroots fund is an organization that has funded projects all over New England.


"There's more funding that's going to go towards projects in Maine so I really hope people get inspired and talk about solutions and here today they take those ideas and make new projects and strengthen ideas that they already have" said Nygaard.


She says it's a way for people from different rural areas in Maine to meet each other and jump start ideas.


Attendee Andy Burt "I really believe that the grassroots and communities is where problems are getting solved, and going to be solved in the future."


She says coming together from different perspectives is where people can make a difference.


"How can we solve problems in our local community from multiple viewpoints" said Burt.


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