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Alzheimer's Disease panel held in Bangor Featured

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BANGOR - Fighting to end Alzheimer's Disease is the reason why folks from the Jackson Lab, the Alzheimer's Association and U.S. Sen. Susan Collins held a Friday panel discussion.

Alzheimer's Disease effects some 27,000 Mainers, and finding a cure or a way to prevent the disease from stealing memories is the goal of research being done right here in Maine.


“Biomedical research really is the key to our finding the means for prevention, effective treatment and one day a cure to this devastating disease,” Collins said.


Dr. Edison Liu, president and CEO of The Jackson Lab, a non-profit biomedical research facility based in Bar Harbor, said before the panel that the lab's major goal is to discover the precise genomic solution for the neurodegenerative disease.


“Research is really advancing very significantly. We've had some roadblocks along the way but we've very optimistic,” Liu said.


Collins said her family has been touched by the disease. “I know first hand what it's like to look into the eyes of a loved one and receive only a confused look,” Maine's senior senator said. “It is a devastating disease, not just for the person who has it, but for the entire family.”

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