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Hampden family grateful for Brinks driver who stepped in to help Featured

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HAMPDEN - Friday, a Brinks truck driver pulled over to try and stop an altercation. The victim's family says they're so thankful the driver stopped.

"Whoever the gentleman is, we don't have a name, but you saved my son's life today and I will be forever grateful for that. Forever grateful," said Carol McCullagh, the victim's mom.


McCullagh says she got a call Friday morning from her mother who was screaming into the phone. She said her grandson was being attacked in the driveway.


"And then she said 'he's choking him, he's trying to kill him,'" said Carol.


Matt McCullagh said he works at Maine Commercial Tire with Jonathan Coburn, and claimed Coburn followed him home.


"I'd just got outta work I'd been having some trouble with a guy at work saying that he's going to fight me and stuff," said Matt.


Matt said he pulled into the driveway, got out of the car, grabbed a heater from the back seat, and tried to walk inside when he got hit.


"He pulls out and runs across the street and just comes right at me," said Matt.


He says the only self defense he had was his keys in his hand. They're now bent.


"So he's got me down like that trying to choke me out, and so I had taken my car keys and jammed it up into his eye, into his face," said Matt.


Police say a Brinks Truck driver passed by, called in it in, and tried to stop the altercation.


"The Brinks guy comes up there and says, he says I'm not a cop but I am armed, you need to get off him," said Matt


His grandmother didn't want to give her name and was clearly shaken by the incident.


"I've never seen something like that, attacking you in your own yard," she said.


Hampden police arrested Jonathon Coburn and charged him with aggravated assault and trespassing. Police said Coburn could receive other charges because the investigation is ongoing. He was also brought to the hospital to be checked out.

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