Wednesday, 21 February 2018 15:53

Possible school shooting stopped by friends warning Featured

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MORRILL - A young man accused of planning to launch a shooting at his former high school had recently lived in Maine.

According to the Morning Sentinel, Jack Sawyer, 18 had been staying at "Ironwood Maine." That's a residential facility and private school for troubled teens in the town of Morrill, just outside Belfast. He had also been enrolled at the York County Community College before dropping out.


Police said it was a resident at the Morrill facility that told them about an exchange of text messages between she and Sawyer following last weeks school shooting in Florida. He was excited about the shooting and told her he was planning his own shooting at his former high school.


Police stated they found a shotgun, ammunition and other materials when they searched his car. They also found a notebook, titled "The Journal of an Active Shooter," books about other school shootings, a gas mask and other evidence.


Sawyer is now charged with attempted murder.