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Gun violence protest in downtown Bangor Featured

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BANGOR - The Florida shooting happened just seven days ago.

Today Mount Desert Island students and others stood outside the federal building in Bangor to protest gun violence.


Standing together to fight for what they believe.


Citizen Gail Leiser said "I hope that Senator Collins and Senator King will vote against the concealed weapons act that Bruce Poliquin just voted for, which would allow concealed weapons to cross boarders regardless of what individual state rules are."


College student Delaney Smith said "I think it would be pretty great if students could go to school knowing that they're there to learn, and not have this constant media of it."


Students as young as 7th graders were there holding up signs that read "Me Next?" and "Thoughts and Prayers Are Not Enough."


9th grader Mason Soares said "Just the fact that we've got to worry about this stuff happening in our schools, and that nobody's doing anything about it."


They voiced their opinion and said they feel like more legal action needs to take place.


9th grader Finian Burns said "I hope for a ban on assault weapons. I don't think we should allow anybody with a past of domestic violence to buy a gun because that's the single biggest connection among all these mass shooters."


Students said they can't believe they are protesting gun violence in school, they never thought they would ever have to do this. High school senior Emily Homer said "But it's strange to see this many kids going and talking about something that shouldn't necessarily be a kid problem."


They said they feel proud so many students are protesting about something they are so passionate about. High school junior Rachel Carignan said  "Like the fact that we have ten year old's and six year old's here is such a tremendous effort that like we are trying to show that this is something that needs to be solved."


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