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Domestic violence support agencies set up at The Hall of Flags Featured

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AUGUSTA - Statistically, domestic violence crimes are decreasing. But social service agencies tasked with helping domestic violence victims are helping more people than ever.

Some victim advocates say there are domestic violence crimes where the penalties need to be tougher.  Francine Garland Stark, Maine Coalition to End Domestic Violence, said "One is important that would create opportunity to elevate to a felony the third violation of a protection from abuse order."


Social service agency workers dedicated to ending domestic violence filled the capitol's hall of flags Tuesday.


"Socio-economic factors are not what cause abuse. It's a sense of entitlement." stated Dorothay Martel of Next Step Domestic Violence Project.

According to the Maine State Police crime statistics, domestic violence is cited as the cause in the majority of Maine's murders.


Sherry Edwards, Caring Unlimited, said "And oftentimes, they find it's safer for them to stay because most domestic violence homicides happen after the couple has already separated."


All three women said, if you know somebody in an abusive situation, first and foremost, offer them support. Then, they said, call an abuse help line yourself for advice.


Domestic violence agencies across the state helped 13,000 victims across the state, last year alone.