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Shepherd's Godparent Home seeks donations Featured

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BANGOR - A crisis center for pregnant teens and young women in Bangor recently got a huge hand up when a local businessman purchased a home for the group, which doubles the number of women who can be helped.

The Shepherd's Godparent Home provides a safe place for pregnant women in crisis who are abused, homeless or are addicted, and for new mothers with the same struggles.


With the new home, the non-profit is looking for donations to operate the new facility.


They opened their first home in 2003, and expect to fill the second home quickly.


“This will allow us to serve more women that we have to turn away in our community,” said Barbara Ford, Executive Director of Shepherd's Godparent Home.


The crisis home started as a place for pregnant women and a few years ago added Nikki's Hope for them to nurture their newborns.


One 25-year-old mother enrolled in the program says she's learning parenting basics, about being responsible, all while being free of drugs. She has been sober for eight months.


“I take care of his needs. Put him first, 'cause it's always just been me,” said Kristina Pentland, who gave birth to a son several months ago. “Learning how to put him before my needs. And how to just love him, and just care for him.”


The transitional program helps with parenting skills, independence and schooling, and over the years has seen a number of women go on to become successful.


“We have women who are in the fields of health care. We have women who are working as educators. We have women enrolled in college who never thought that would be an options for them,” Ford said.


The two crisis homes are supported entirely by donations, mostly through local churches.


To learn more or to contribute head online to godparenthomeme.com.

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