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Warm weather means an abrupt end to ice fishing for some Featured

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BOWDOINHAM (WGME) - The warming temperatures this week may feel nice, but in some spots, it means the end of ice fishing season.

Reservations are being canceled in Bowdoinham as camps are pulled off the river.


It's unusually empty at Jim's Camp on this February Day.


Instead of fishermen sitting in smelt shacks, owner Jim McPhearson and his crew are tearing them down. One by one


They're hauled off the Cathance River. McPherson stated "Usually if we get about eight weeks or so. It's pretty good season." He said it's about one week earlier than normal. He said "As a rule the third week of February they're getting fished out and thinking of spring time things to do."


With temperatures expected to climb into the 60's by mid-week, McPhearson cancelled all remaining reservations. He said "Eh some disappointed, most people understand, but its hard especially with parents who had kids they wanted to bring."


Once it thaws, McPhearson said he doesn't have much of a choice. The slushier it gets on the ice, the harder it is to move the shacks, which also have to travel through a swampy area to get back to where they're stored.


McPhearson said "Yeah, I'm not gonna put em back out. I don't care if it gets 20 below zero. I'm done."


The season started on December 28th and kicked off with record-low temperatures, which was a boost for business.


But he'll tell you, he's not heartbroken about this heatwave. He concluded 'I'm ready for a break." Just as soon as all nineteen camps are back on dry land.