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Student protests start after Parkland shooting Featured

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PARKLAND FLA (ABC NEWS) - Lawmakers in Florida are feeling the pressure to consider new gun laws in the wake of last week's high school shooting. Survivors of the massacre at Stoneman Douglas High School are taking action.

Survivors of the Marjorie Stoneman Douglas shooting are loading into buses to take their fight for gun control to Florida's capitol. Less than a week after the massacre, this won't be any ordinary school trip.


Names of the 17 students and teachers killed at Marjory Stoneman Douglas rang out at candlelight vigils across Florida. A day of remembrance and activism, from a grassroots rally in Los Angeles,  to a lie-in protest at the White House. One teen was holding a sign 'am i next?'


This is a student movement. Today, a hundred Stoneman Douglas students take their crusade to Florida's capitol.


A new ABC News/Washington Post poll found most think stricter guns laws would have prevented the Parkland shooting while 77% think better mental health treatment would have stopped it.


Yesterday, the suspected shooter Nikolas Cruz appeared in court with his head bowe and his eyes fixed to the ground.


A source familiar with the investigation tells ABC News Cruz had access to 10 guns, seven of which he legally purchased, including an AK47 and the AR15 allegedly used in the massacre.


That same ABC News/Washington Post poll found the country is still split over whether assault weapons should be banned.

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