Tuesday, 20 February 2018 11:10

Wardens issue a warm weather warning Featured

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STATEWIDE - The recent warm weather has made going out on the ice treacherous in some places and wardens are warning people to take extra precautions.

Snow covered lakes and streams may look safe, but underneath there may be thin ice or even moving water, especially around coves and inlets.


Wardens are telling people who ice fish, snowmobile, and ride ATV's to check ice conditions before heading out onto any waterway. Four inches of ice is needed for safety.


Naomi Graychase, Orland Fire Department, said "There is a lot of open water this year so you really want to be aware of that. And also be aware of the way water moves in the lake you are on. If you've got an inlet or an outlet there is going to be warmer moving water. The water is going to be less safe."


If you're heading out on the ice, let people know where you are going and take precautions to ensure you come home safe.


Some people have also been removing their ice shacks from certain lakes, just to be safe.