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Faulty furnace threatened lives of elderly couple in Levant Featured

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LEVANT - It was a big scare for an elderly couple from Levant. They survived a close call with carbon monoxide poisoning and are urging others to learn from their very close call.

It was about three weeks ago when Millie Griffiths started noticing an unusual smell in their home. She noticed fumes that smelled like diesel, not realizing the danger that was already seeping into their home.


Mrs. Griffiths also lives with COPD and wasn't sure if it was the furnace or her illness that was making her feel more sick.


They eventually called the folks from Oliver's heating and plumbing who quickly found the source of the fumes. A hole had formed in their furnace heat exchange, allowing the dangerous fumes to escape.


Honeowner Ken Griffiths said "They said it was fumes going up through the floor. Mentioning carbon monoxide. I don't want to say that too freely. It was fumes that were deadly."


The furnace was quickly condemned and the couple was forced to stay in a motel until the furnace could be replaced. Oliver's crew was back at the home Monday, making sure it would be safe and warm by the time the Griffiths returned home that night.


Dan Oliver stated "Ken and Millie are very lucky. There's always potential with a crack in a heat exchange. There's more carbon monoxide. They smelled it early on and got it taken care of so we eliminated the risk for them."


Griffiths added 'I'm very lucky. My birthdays tomorrow and I can't ask for a better present."


"Maintenance, maintenance, maintenance. Have them serviced annually." stated Oliver.


Ken said this has also been a wake-up call for them. He stated 'We don't have any kind of detector in our home. But from this point on we will get one and I urge all the people out there to make sure your home is safe and sound."