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100 year old steamboat Katahdin getting a facelift Featured

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GREENVILLE - A little piece of history in Greenville is getting a maker over. The Katahdin steamboat is undergoing a half million dollar project to hopefully be up and running by Memorial Day weekend.

"The Katahdin is the last remaining of what use to be a fleet of some 50 steam boats that cruised up and down Moosehead Lake."


It's a piece of history that over 7,500 people visit ever year. Moosehead Marine Museum Executive Director, Liz McKeil, said  "It's a very popular cruise for us we usually sell it out about half way through the summer."


They are now engaged in a project to replace the upper decks on the Katahdin. There is however one challenge. "She's a hundred years old and from time to time we need to sort of upgrade her and make sure that not only is she safe for passengers, but she's in the prestige condition that she deserves to be." added McKeil.


As they got into the project they discovered there was a lot of rot, and the decks were not in as great of condition as they originally thought they were.


McKeil stated "This type of renovation is more expensive than you might think because we're under restrictions because we're on the National Register of Historic Places. To try to use materials that are true to the original construction."


They do have some reserved funds and they've had some very generous donors to help out with the project. "As we move forward naturally this is probably going to end up being a half million dollar project, and we will be in a position to be probably raising money to fund the remainder of the project." concluded McKeil.


They hope to have the entire fore deck done by Memorial Day. They don't cruise until the end of June so it's possible they can go a little longer than that.