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New glimpse of the teen accused of the deadly school shooting in Florida Featured

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PARKLAND FL (ABC NEWS) - We're getting a new glimpse of the troubled former student accused of the deadly school shooting rampage in Florida.

The suspect was caught on camera fighting at the school in 2016, and was later suspended ...


One of five times he was disciplined by the school before getting expelled. And the family who took him in after he lost his mother has broken their silence, calling him a monster.


New video of the alleged Flordia shooter shows him fighting with classmates. It was first obtained by our Miami affiliate WPLG. That's him in the white shirt, in a brawl with several students last year.


The family who welcomed the alleged shooter into their home said "We had this monster living under our roof and we didn't know," Kimberly Snead and her husband James told the Sun Sentinel "Everything, everybody seems to know, we didn't know."


The 19 year old, pictured at his mother's funeral.


The alleged killer moved in with the Sneads after her death. They said 'He followed every rule" of their home to the "T." But that he was battling depression, and days before the shooting, they took him to a therapist.


The day of the massacre, Kimberly Snead said she left home to run errands. By the time she returned, the alleged shooter was gone. The next and last time they saw him, he was in custody. They said he "apologized."


One classmate told ABC News he likely waited for Valentine's Day to carry out his plan. He said "Love was something that Nick really understood and I feel like Valentine's Day was a trigger, as the day he chose to do this."


Monday morning we know the alleged shooter has now invoked his right to remain silent . He's being held in solitary confinement and remains on suicide watch.


Sheriff Scott Israel said "There's no doubt in my mind that Nikolas Cruz shot many people, killed 17, the killer is in custody. And we'll move forward with the legal process."