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Man collapses on ice, then saved by friend Featured

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AUBURN (WGME) - An auburn man is breathing a sigh of relief after saving the life of one of his family's oldest friends.

It all happened in the middle of a frozen pond.


Gary Croteau spends most weekends out on Taylor Pond in Auburn. He said "I've lived out here my whole life."


In his 59 years he's seen quite a bit. But not much could have prepared him for what he saw yesterday morning. He stated "He was kind of choking and you know he started foaming at the mouth, his tongue was large and I kept saying Larry.. Trying to, you know keep him awake."


Larry is a 77-year-old friend of the family. Gary was helping him drill holes for ice fishing when he collapsed. Croteau said "And then he didnt move and he wasnt breathing."


A man on shore saw it happening and called 9-1-1.


Gary had never performed CPR before, but he said he did what he had to do. "I started doing the... breathing for him... and I took my time and it took me five times. The last time I gave him air, he choked again and deep breath and then he started breathing on his own." stated Croteau.


Minutes later paramedics arrived and took Larry to the hospital.


Croteau said "I was on my knees and I looked up and I thanked God for helping us."


Larry's family said, he's recovering, but Larry is going to be just fine.


Croteau concluded "So Larry if you're watching this... Love ya man." Gary stated he'll be seeing Larry out on the ice very soon.