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Annual youth ice fishing day at PCCA Featured

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BREWER - The annual youth ice fishing day brought out hundreds of kids and some were lucky to catch some pretty big fish.

The Penobscot County Conservation Association holds this event every year to encourage kids to get outdoors and enjoy some of the activities that Maine offers.


PCCA member Tony Richard said "We're trying to get kids outdoors and do more things. They spend far to much time inside. They have fabulous fine motor skills, but they need to be outdoors."


The turnout was a great one.


"We've had steady all day long, and the fishing's been good that's even more important so the kids have had a great opportunity to catch a lot of fish" said Richard.


A lot of the kids caught fish, but the biggest fish caught was by Cooper Charette and his little brother Carter.


"We were here ice fishing, and before we caught this biggest fish he pulled it out and we can fell like a little bit of tug and he was on the hook" said Charette.


He said he's excited to bring it home and do what any kid would want to do..."Cook him" said Charette.


Richards says this is a great opportunity for kids to learn and get experience ice fishing. "Because we provide all of the equipment so if they participate and they enjoy it then they can go out and do it themselves."


And there's been a lucky charm that the kids believe helps them catch fish.


"The snowmen are good luck charms, and a lot of the kids have put them up when they saw somebody else catch one with a snowman around there hole, and who knows I'm not one to say it isn't working" said Richard.


"Over there they had a huge ball, and then they caught a huge fish" said Charette.


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