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1st Annual scouts day Featured

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BANGOR - An inaugural scouts day kicked off at the Bangor international airport Saturday.

Maine troop greeters gave the troops a tour, and educated them about the history of the museum.


The community was invited to Greeters Hall at the Bangor international airport to take a tour of the museum.


Chair of board of directors and Maine troop greeters Allison Hernandez said "This is the very first time we thought that since the community has always supported the Maine troop greeters and helped us bring our museum to life that we needed to give back to the community."


Scouts got to learn about the challenge coins and participate in a flag folding demonstration.


"I think it's important to educate our youth on greeting the troops and why that's important, and just our history and not many people are aware that the boys and girl scouts both have a history here at the Maine troop greeters" said Hernandez.


The girl scouts loved learning about the history of the museum.


Girl Scout Lily Raleigh said "To learn the history and it was really interesting to find out that some of the presidents were here and for some of the challenge coins and how they pay in Afghanistan and stuff."


Girl scout Piper McNeely said "While you're waiting for your plane this is a good thing to do because you learn information and you get something to kill the time while you're waiting."


Miss Maine who is also a veteran and former girl scout was at the event as well.


"I'm fortunate enough to represent myself as miss Maine USA as well as sergeant gray. I'm here greeting a lot of the scouts and talking about my experience in the military, and my experience in the scout program when i was a younger kid" said Miss Maine Marina Gray.


She says this is a great opportunity for the kids to learn that there are other opportunities out there that they may have not known about before.


"So for me the military was an opportunity for me to get myself through college, and I was approached my recruiters and saw other women who had joined the military, which inspired me to do so. So I think it's really cool that these young kids can come out here and see other people who pursued careers in the military which potentially one day could be there future" said Gray.


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