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School shooting shocks Florida and Nation Featured

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PARKLAND FL (ABC NEWS) - Governor LePage has ordered all Maine and U.S. Flags to be flown at half staff in honor of the people killed and injured during the horrifying school shooting in Parkland, Florida.

17 people have been killed and multiple others were injured when a former student stormed the school Wednesday and opened fire.


A shooting that has left people around the nation wondering what it will take to bring this sort of violence to an end.


Overnight police searched the home of suspected shooter Nikolas Cruz, looking for any clues as to why, just hours earlier, the 19 year old opened fire inside his former high school.


Video shows the terror inside the school. The sound of gunshots are too disturbing to broadcast.


One student recounted "When I took my headphones off the alarm was going off and I heard the shots and then I saw the shooter run after Mr. Feist and I saw Mr. Feist get shot."


Students, some barely teenagers, hid under desks, fearing for their lives. Another student said "We were just like, praying and crying? I don't know how we're alive."


"Somebody down the hall was screaming help me or come save me." a young girl stated.


Swat teams swarmed the school, parents were desperate to contact their children.


Students were looking for their friends in the chaos as the shooter walked right out with the other students escaping. He was later arrested without incident.


Police said Cruz was armed with an AR-15 rifle and a gas mask. The school said he was expelled for disciplinary actions and faculty had been warned to not let him on campus.


Former FBI Agent Brad Garrett said "The school represented something to the shooter, his anger and revenge was vented on this school."


School here is closed through the end of the week and the town is bringing in grief counselors for students starting Thursday morning.