Thursday, 15 February 2018 08:59

CDC warns flu is still going strong in Maine

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STATEWIDE (WGME) - The flu is still holding on and intensifying here in Maine, with 4 new deaths reported just last week.

A new report from the Maine CDC shows there have been 125 new hospitalizations across the state in the last week and it shows no sign of slowing down


Hospitals across the state are trying to keep up with this year's flu, including Maine Medical Center.


The Maine CDC reports 842 people have been hospitalized with the flu or flu symptoms so far this year The flu affects everyone, the youngest just two months old and the oldest was 103. There have also been four new deaths from the flu this past week bringing the total deaths to 43.


But when will it end? Doctors say this year it's very hard to predict


Dr. August Valenti, Maine Medical Center, said "We'll see cases right out until April of influenza, but I think we may see more illness than in previous years."


Dr. Sara Robinson, Maine CDC, added "Since we started earlier, we'd like to think we'll peak in February, early March, but it's still too early to tell."


Doctors are urging everyone to wash their hands,  cough into their elbow, things that seem simple but go a long way