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Monday, 12 February 2018 08:38

A local Bangor store offers a unique experience, perfect for Valentine's Day. Featured

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BANGOR - Valentine's Day is just around the corner. Instead of the usual chocolates and roses, we found a gift idea outside the box.

Since it opened back in 2010, Central Street Farmhouse has offered informational wine-making classes to teach people the process and over the years expanding it to unique hands-on courses for customers.


"We found, because we were also offering make-it-here, a vint-on-premise if you will, that's what people prefer," said Josh Parda, owner of Central Street Farmhouse.


The way it works, people can choose their wine, or choose the day they want to make it and pick their kits when they come in.


"Wine Expert, the company we use primarily, they adhere to professional wine making standards. So it is 100 percent juice from the location they tell you. So they say, if it's an Italian Pinot Grigio, it is all from Italy," said Parda.


The difference between buying a bottle and making it is the experience, knowledge gained, and cultural awareness.


"Every fermentation is different. So even if you get the same grapes from the same country, it's never going to be exactly the same twice. So really, it's your wine," said Jame Reis, an employee at Central Street Farmhouse.


If people don't like wine, they've got some brew your own beer kits they can grab for their loved ones as well


"We have ingredients and equipment. Everything you need and then some. From beginner to advanced," said Parda.


The price per kit can range, and depend on the grade of wine selected.


"For 150 bucks you can take home 27 bottles of wine that are worth about $400," said Parda.


For Valentine's Day give the gift of experience and help to support a local business.


"We're not selling wine, we're not selling beer, we're selling a lifestyle," said Parda. "I think that has more value than going to the store and guessing about a bottle of wine."


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