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All Saints School helps local food pantries Featured

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BANGOR - Many excited and eager kids at the All Saints School are stepping up to help local food pantries.

"Soup cans, canned food, and cereal and pasta," said Jadyn Sperin, a student at All Saints School.


Those are just some of the items found in 19 boxes at the All Saints School. The whole school has been working together to collect non perishable items for four local pantries. It's all part of their Catholic School Week.


"Every year during Catholic School's Week we select a community service project. This year the students and staff wanted to do a food collection," said Joseph Gallant, Principal of The All Saints School.


Seven students loaded the boxes to deliver them to the pantries a few weeks ago. These kids braved the cold temperatures to collect items.


"There was one person who gave us a whole cart full of items and that was very, very nice of him," said Spearin.


Principal Gallant stated he hopes this will teach the children there are people out in the community that need a little help, something they seem to understand.


"Veterans or people who are homeless on the streets, or people who wanted to give back to us, we wanted to give back to them so they have food, and warmth and a shelter," said Spearin.


"I love that it's going to people that need it, it's not just like somebody who can get it, it's people who need it," added Lilianne Montgomery, a student at All Saints School.


The trickiest part is "Getting the food out of the bags into the boxes without dropping it on your toe or anything but it's worth it. Totally worth it," said Montgomery and Spearin together.


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