Friday, 09 February 2018 13:33

Winter weather is causing problems for Ellsworth Featured

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ELLSWORTH - The constant snow, ice, and frigid temperatures have taken a toll on infrastructure in Ellsworth.

Specifically at Harbor Park. The popular marina has sustained tens of thousands of dollars worth of damage this winter and city manager David Cole said repairs are imperative. He added, if they don't act soon, the repairs won't be made in time for summer.


Cole said "The company we're looking to contract with, Prock Marine, has a lot of work already lined up for the spring, so if we're going to get in their queue, we're looking at June first."


The issue will be discussed at Monday night's council meeting. The council will also be discussing the designation of "safe zones" areas commonly occupied by children.


If passed, penalties for drug activity in these areas will be stiffer.


The meeting is Monday at 7 a.m. in the council chambers.