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Joy the donkey update Featured

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SMYRNA - Back in october we told you about joy the donkey who wasn't able to walk.

Well today joy is running and feeling as healthy as ever thanks to some generous donations.


Joy was rescued at 21 days old. She was injured by another farm animal and had an a broken neck that went untreated, causing an infection.


Barn manager Brandy Clark said "After a year she had a broken neck and a dislocation. It had come up and her spinal cord had come out of the column and it was impinging and making so she could not walk at all."


Doctor Barry Grant in California donated his surgical time to joy. He put a basket in her neck to stabilize her.


"And since she spent October, November, December in there, padded, and for the last thirty days she's progressively gotten better and better and better" said Clark "He goes I don't know how you guys did it."


She says it's almost as if someone threw on a switch because joy just started walking, running, and playing on her own.


"It's absolutely amazing." said Clark "One day it was just like "Oh I think I know where my feet are."


They still owe thousands for the surgery, and are looking for donations. She says they're thankful for everyone's help.


"Blessed..beyond blessed" said Clark "I mean they all went to her surgical request."


Joy sure does bring a lot of joy to this barn.


If you want to donate click here.

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