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Sportsmen and Wardens help save a mother moose Featured

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COLUMBIA - When some Downeast sportsmen went into a remote area of Columbia a few days ago they came across something they never expected.

It turned into a very big rescue.


The moose was discovered by two groups of sportsmen in a remote cedar swamp. They called wardens Scott Osgood and Bayley Grant.


Warden Osgood said "She was right up to her neck pretty much in ice water. You know a moose as big as they are, even when their temperature gets to a certain point, there's no saving them. So I was a little bit worried and she couldn't really help herself out very much she was so cold.


It took 45 minutes but the group managed to free the moose who had a calf nearby. Warden Osgood stated "He gave herself about a minute and she was on her feet. She did not want to stick around i think all she wanted to do was get to her calf."


"It's good to see we can do something like that with the local sportsmen together and get it done and save an animal," concluded Warden Osgood.