Wednesday, 07 February 2018 13:50

Jackson Lab expansion on track in Ellsworth Featured

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ELLSWORTH - The Jackson Laboratory is gearing up to open their new facility within the next couple of months. The nonprofit organization just received a grant that will help it complete its 2nd phase.

"Jax mice has been the research subjects for 26 Nobel Prizes since 1960," said CEO of Jackson Laboratories Charles Hewitt, PH.D.


The opening of the New Jackson Laboratory mice facility has been anticipated for years and now it's just around the corner.


"This summer we'll be opening a brand new, an absolutely state of the art, mouse production lab facility in Ellsworth," added Hewitt.


Jax recently received a $12.5 million dollar grant from the state which now brings the facility to its second phase.


"It's a very important grant as we think of our evolution over the next three, four, five years," said Hewitt.


The overall investment will cost around $200 million.


Hewitt stated "Jax committed almost $80 million to phase 1 with the state's 12.5 we're going to commit another 47.5 to phase 2. We'll have about 140 million investment at the end of phase 2."


Currently Jackson Lab employs more than 1,000 people The facility in Ellsworth is expected to bring more than 300 jobs to Ellsworth and close to 200 to Bar Harbor within the next 10 years.


Hewitt concluded "From our perspective... You know, it's a sign that the state cares about us... We know the city cares about us... In a way it becomes a public private partnership... Not only to carry out our mission but to create great jobs."