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Saint Albans man changes murder plea to guilty Featured

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Saint Albans man changes murder plea to guilty

SKOWHEGAN - Jury selection in the murder trial of Jeremy Erving, 26, was scheduled to start tomorrow.

Last week, the prosecution and the defense attorney reached a plead arrangement.


It was April of 2016, when Jeremy Erving was arrested and charged with shooting his uncle to death at his Saint Albans home.


In court today, he changed his not guilty by reason of insanity to guilty. Still, he told the judge he has no idea why he shot his uncle in the head, while he slept that night in April.


The prosecutor told the judge Jeremy Erving was intoxicated when he turned himself in to Somerset County Sheriff's Deputies just hours after the shooting.


The victim's daughters tearfully told the judge the loss of their father, Randy Erving, at age 52,was still painful for them.


The judge agreed to the agreed upon prison term of 27 years.


Through his attorney, Jeremy Erving apologized to his uncle's family.


Now, it's expected, soon Somerset County Sheriff's Deputies will be transporting Jeremy Erving to the Maine State Prison in Windham.