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Alleged kidnapping victim speaks out about ordeal Featured

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SANFORD (WGME) - The victim of an alleged kidnapping and assault in Sanford told WGME 13 exactly what he says happened to him that night. Brad Rogers shows us the victim, his wounds and the three people now charged.

Justin Richardson said as he laid in the snow with a ten inch knife wound in his chest he thought he was going to die. His sister stated even his heart surgeon here at Maine Medical Center said it was a miracle he survived."


Richardson stated "They cornered me in the building. And they paid him for setting it up." Richardson said he was lured to a Sanford apartment where he stated for four hours, these three people held and tortured him over $3,000 of drug money his captors said he owed them.


Richardson said "I tried to come up with the money. I called friends and family. Who comes up with that kind of ransom in the middle of the night? There's not really much you can do."


Kate Tripodi, Justin's sister, said "He called and told me that he was in a bad situation. He owed some people some money. That they were there to collect it. And that he wasn't going to leave there alive if he didn't." She added a man got on the phone and told her her brother would be killed if she didn't come up with the money.


Kate stated "I got back on the phone with my brother. I just told him there's nothing I can do but pray for you. I mean, who has that kind of money? I certainly don't."


Police said Justin's mother got a similar call, prompting her to call police. But she had no idea where her son was. Richardson said when his captors started talking about tying him up and putting him in the trunk, he decided to make a run for it. He says his kidnappers beat and stabbed him by the front steps.


Richardson stated "She tried stabbing me once. And the knife didn't go through. So she turned the knife and then stabbed me again. And it went through that time. And it went all the way through my heart. Went through my lung. Cut my pulmonary valve and artery."


To follow, how he managed to survive until help finally arrived, and the ransom calls that were made to family and friends demanding money for Justin's life.