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Waterville couple arrested for sexually abusing a child Featured

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AUGUSTA - A Waterville couple is held on half a million dollars cash bail, accused of sexually abusing a young child for years.

Prosecutors said the bail is high because this is a serious case of abuse.


Michael Stevens faced a judge Monday afternoon, his wife appeared on Friday.


The affidavit in this case has been impounded for thirty days, and investigators are tight-lipped, so details of these allegations have not been made public.


Michael Stevens shook his head as the charges against him were read aloud. Gross sexual assault of a child under twelve.


Prosecutors said it happened repeatedly between October 2010 and October 2014, but they won't reveal any specifics.


Kennebec County District Attorney Maeghan Maloney said that's to make sure they get a fair trial. She added "We don't want the jury to have their minds made up ahead of time."


Both husband and wife are being held on $250,000 cash bail.


The attorney representing Michael Stevens calls that amount outrageous and 10-15 times higher than it should be, since he said it's based only on statements of the now 16 year old victim. He said a search warrant was executed, but the affidavit has no mention of what evidence, if any, was found. Stevens stated "What we have your honor is we have an individual with absolutely no prior criminal record, I don't think he's even got a speeding ticket."


Maloney said the disturbing nature of this case warrants this unusually high bail. She stated "The court did grant the request because this conduct does call for it."


The Waterville police chief will only say their investigation is ongoing.


The couple is due back in court in April.