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Three people arrested on kidnapping and assault charges Featured

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Three people arrested on kidnapping and assault charges

SANFORD (WGME) - Three people are accused of holding a man against his will, assaulting him, and stabbing him with a knife in Sanford.

Police said he spent about a week in the hospital after being stabbed in the rib cage when he attempted to run for his life.


Police said on January 11th the 28-year-old male victim was lured into an apartment on Emery Street under false pretenses by an acquaintance.


Police said once inside, Shantel Rodriguez, 25, Dylan Austin, 26, and Cody Budreau, 22, held the victim against his will for hours forcing him to make phone calls to friends and family in an effort to get a large some of money to spare his life.


Police stated when the victim attempted to escape he was stabbed with a knife.


Police were called to the scene after a neighbor spotted the victim laying outside in a snow bank. They believe drugs played a role.


Sanford Police Detective Sargent Matthew Jones said "Sadly that's the trend in many communities i hate to see it here in our community it's no good for anybody but yeah most of these things a routed in drugs and that is very unfortunate."


All three of the suspects were recently arrested and charged with the felony. They were given bail ranging from $10,000 to $50,000.


They're expected back in court in April.