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Monday, 05 February 2018 16:55

Oh, deer! Brownville man feeds hundreds of deer daily through food pantry Featured

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BROWNVILLE - Each winter hundreds of deer migrate to Brownville, capturing the attention of thousands across the country.

This is all thanks to a Brownville man who's passionate about the cause he holds near and "deer" to his heart.

You might say, Richard McMahon is a deer whisperer.

"They know me and the four-wheeler I think is the key. The engine, they hear that sound, they come out of the woods," said Richard McMahon.

For decades, McMahon has been feeding these animals through Brownville's Food Pantry for Deer.

"It helps sustain the herd and give them a place to stay that they're safe, and gives them a boost when spring comes," McMahon said.

Every day at 2:00 p.m. like clockwork, McMahon backyard fills with hungry patrons.

"We've got somewhere between 175 and 200 deer here every day," McMahon said.

That crowd draws quite a following of it's own.

"Everybody congregates in the road out here," McMahon said.

"I come over about every other day," said Roger Bivins. "I live about 4.5 miles away, I come to watch them before I go to work."

"I love it," said McMahon. "I've got names for a few of them."

With the help of a daily live-stream...people outside Brownville can watch too.

"It was nice at first but now it's getting big," said McMahon.

He uses 400 pounds of grain a day, adding up to nearly 21 tons each winter. That's a lot of weight on one man's shoulders.

"I think it's my calling and as long as I can afford it I'm going to do it," McMahon said.

McMahon keeps it going with a donation box and a go fund me page. After all, a couple bucks can make a difference.

"If this wasn't happening, the young ones wouldn't make it through the winter," said McMahon.

Even after racking up years of feeding, McMahon is still rather "fawn'd" of his project and the animals he's helping.

"They just love it," said McMahon.

A link to the pantry's donation page can be found here.

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