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Fairfield drugs arrests come after investigation Featured

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Fairfield drugs arrests come after investigation

FAIRFIELD - An early morning police raid resulted in a pair of drug arrests in Fairfield Friday.

Officials said they have been investigating the sale of cocaine and meth in Waterville and parts of Somerset County.


That brought them to a home on Pleasant Street in Fairfield.Police said a little after 6 a.m. Friday they found 52 grams of crack cocaine, powdered cocaine, crystal meth, suboxone and other drug related materials.


Kelvin Staton, 27, of Bronx, New York was arrested and charged with aggravated drug trafficking and drug possession.


Erin Holt, 44, of Fairfield was also arrested for outstanding warrants, drug trafficking, and possession of methamphetamine.


Darrell Taylor and Christopher Snow of Fairfield are also facing possession charges.