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Tuesday, 30 January 2018 15:31

Court documents detail attempted murder plan Featured

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CORINTH - Court documents have revealed more details on a Corinth man accused of setting fire to a home while his girlfriend was inside.

Fred Roberts, 65, was arrested last Wednesday and charged with arson and attempted murder.


According to the documents, Roberts told investigators his girlfriend had been dealing with health issues and had asked him to set fire to the home. He said he eventually did by taking cans of gasoline and spreading it around the downstairs area while his girlfriend was sleeping upstairs.


Roberts then left the building and his girlfriend escaped by jumping from a second story window.


According to the documents, his girlfriend later said Roberts hadn't been acting like himself. He also appeared to have different personalities while talking to police, also claiming his twin brother actually set the fire.


He told police he had hoped the smoke would've made it to his girlfriends bedroom because she would never know what happened and because you've got to be humane.