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Ranked choice supporters state "We have the votes" Featured

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Ranked choice supporters state "We have the votes"

AUGUSTA - Supporters of ranked choice voting, say they now have enough signatures to put the issue on the ballot, once again.

The committee for ranked choice voting said they needed a little more than 61,000 signatures to get the issue on the June ballot.


Voters first approved the measure in November of 2016, but it has faced constitutional hurdles.


The committee said early estimates show they have enough signatures. But volunteers are still collecting a few extras, just in case their numbers are slightly off.


Kyle Bailey, Committee for Rank Choice Voting, said "We know some people may have accidentally signed twice, or there was a problem with someone who was circulating, those sort of things do come up. So we are trying to get a cushion so we are working now to get that cushion in the door so that we have more than enough signatures to submit this on Friday."


If it passes, the question will be on the state-wide ballot in June.