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New proposed referendum to fund home care Featured

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AUGUSTA - Seniors, home care workers, and family member of those living with disabilities rallied in the state house to support a proposed referendum for the November ballot.

"I'm 60 years old. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought I would find myself in this situation," said Debbie Borque, a supporter of the referendum. 


Signs with "home care for all" filled the welcome center as family members of seniors and those living with disabilities presented their citizen initiative on the November ballot.


"It's a guarantee that if you need help staying in your home, you can get it," said Miri Lyons, a supporter of the referendum. "It's a plan to raise wages for workers and professionalize the home care industry; creating more jobs and making sure, caregivers are there when they're needed."


The referendum received close 70,000 signatures from volunteers in the community and was presented to Maine's Secretary of State. Elections division staff will have until February 26th to certify the signatures.


"If my client wasn't provided state funded care, her dad would have to quit his job and collect welfare so he could be there because she requires 24 hour care," said Leighann Gillis, a supporter of the referendum. 


According to officials, this referendum will tax income above $127,000 a year, at 1.9 percent to fully fund home care for anyone who needs it. They also stated, many home care workers have to work numerous jobs in order to provide for their own families. 


According to officials, this will allow family members who have loved ones that aren't able to care for themselves to work full time while knowing their loved ones are in good hands.


"It would be absolutely huge for me. It would allow me to have a life of some sort; be able to reconnect with my children, my grandchildren," said Borque. "It would also give him better care. There's just so much i can do in a day."

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