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Dorthea Dix staffing bill discuss in public hearing Featured

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AUGUSTA - A very busy morning in the State House. Legislators were looking at a new bill that will maintain mental health staffing at Dorothea Dix Psychiatric Center and support statewide forensic services.

This bill will provide funding for new mental health workers at the center.


Officials said this will help people across the state get the attention and care they need.


The bill was supported by everyone in the room.


Representative Richard Malaby, R-Hancock, said "We want to use it to extend those people and make them more permanent. six more mental health workers at Dorthea Dix, quite a simple bill... I think it will pass easily."


The other bill up for discussion acts to support Maine families through Universal Family Care.


The sponsor decided to withdraw the bill due to little support, but it opened up a heated discussion of child care.


Representative Malaby added, "I think it was revealing that the department indicated that there's no waiting lists for subsidize children seeking child care. The committee just killed the bill, but I think there's probably going to be ongoing discussion on how we address future childcare needs."


There will be further discussions in the next few weeks about the Dorothea Dix staffing bill.

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