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Out of 3,000 applicants, 11 lucky Mainers win Elver lottery Featured

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AUGUSTA - For the first time in five years, new applicants will be accepted for elver fishing licenses in Maine.

The slippery, eel-like fish are a rare delicacy and, because of that, the fragile population has been fished by the same select men and women since 2013, that is, until this year.


Despite the population growing to healthier levels, the 11 winners are truly lucky, because more than 3,000 Mainers applied.


"Oh my God! I had no clue it was that high of a number," winner Krista Tripp said. "I had no idea actually, so that makes me so happy. I feel so lucky to win."


"This is great news for these 11 Mainers..." Maine Marine Resources Department spokesman Jeff Nichols said. "...We've really proven here in Maine that we can effectively manage this resource, and continue to provide economic opportunities for Mainers.


With a minimum quota of four pounds, the department estimates an income of around $6,000 for each fisherman and woman.


For Tripp, who captains a lobster boat out of Spruce Head, the new potential payday is a welcome surprise.


"It's gonna help me so much. I just recently, a couple years ago, bought my grandfather's boat because he passed away. I've just really been trying to do my best to pay the boat off and fix it up, and do what I need to do in order to kinda stay afloat in my business. It's a really critical time for me, and it's going to help so much, just immensely."

She's now one of 11 Mainers finding new life from one of Maine's most precious industries.

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