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JACKMAN - After meeting behind closed doors for nearly an hour, the Jackman select board wasted no additional time in firing its controversial town manager, Tom Kawczynski.

The firing came four days after the Bangor Daily News reported Kawczynski is the founder and leader of a pro-white organization who opposes people from different cultures coming to northern New England.


"I hate no race and I love all people, but I do love white people." Kawczynski confidently said to reporters inside town hall Tuesday. "And I love white people as white people, because it is my firm belief that we should have the same rights as people as every other group that is out in America today."


Kawczynski's views on race, religion, and culture brought intense scrutiny and criticism to the small town. About 50 people from Jackman, who crowded into town hall, welcomed the firing and supported their select board.


"I just hope everybody realizes that we're not going to put up with this," resident Carl Mairhuber said. "We're not going to put up with any kind of racism or religious segregation or separating of the races."


Kawczynski was calm during the proceedings, and after his firing, insisted he is not a racist.


"I reject categorically the suggestion that I am a racist, a bigot, a Nazi, or any of the other foul names which have been attributed to me or my wife," he stated.


In addition to Kawczynski's "New Albion" movement, his wife posted photos around the holidays, wishing friends a merry Christmas with depictions of Adolf Hitler.


The town's attorney says they don't challenge Kawczynski's right to hold controversial views. Officially, it was a "no cause" dismissal.


"They did a thorough vetting job, and some people just fly under the radar," attorney Warren Shay said.


Because he was technically terminated for "no cause," Kawczynski accepted a $30,000 payout from Jackman. In return, he agreed not to take future action against the town.


"I lost a job today, but I gained a cause," he said. "And I am not going to stop this fight. I am not quitting. I am not surrendering... I have said things I regret. But I do not regret this fight for one moment. And this is just beginning."


Within two hours after being terminated, Kawczynski started a fundraising page, asking for at least $20,000 to "establish ourselves and continue fighting for free speech and legal equality."


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