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New 3D technology for mammograms Featured

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DOVER-FOXCROFT - Mammograms are something every women needs each year when they reach a certain age.

Now a new 3D technology in Dover-foxcroft is making it easier to detect any problems while staying closer to home.


It's only two months old, but a new 3D technology is allowing this machine to see the breast at different levels.


Lead technologist in mammography Kathleen Pulkkinen said "Starting at the bottom of the breast that's closest to the detector, and then it scans up through."


Radiologist are able to control the speed. Instead of looking down at the breast in one dimensions technicians are able to see it in 3D.


"And you'll see this clip fade in and out of focus as it moves below and above it. You'll also see blood vessels that are on the bottom of the breast that are in focus and then they'll go out of focus" said Pulkkinen.


This machine can provide a lot more information for doctors.


"Things are not able to hide so much in amongst dense tissue" said Pulkkinen.


There's also not much of a difference that patients will notice.


Technologist Katie Blackwell-Miles said "Same comfort level. We do still compress the breast in order to take the image that's very important in imaging a tissue. The breathing sometimes is a little different depending on the patient, but other than that there really not going to notice a whole lot of difference."


She says patients like the fact that they don't have to travel far to get this done.


"The nice thing is that we have it right here in Dover-foxcroft so people don't have to travel. We have the same radiology group that reads in Bangor" said Blackwell-Miles.


Getting a mammogram is not everyone's favorite, but one patients feels like this technology is making it a little easier to deal with.


Patient Joann Lovell said "The tormel portion of it it just meant an extra breath hold. Compression was still the same I actually felt that it was a little more comfortable than the 2D machine."


She says 3D technology will become the new normal. "I do think that over time that it will become just like 2D imaging became. I can't say enough good about it."


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