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Hallowell flood warning continued through Thursday Featured

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HALLOWELL (WGME) - Residents along the Kennebec River are nervous about the possibility of ice jams and flooding, again.

Just days ago we saw crews working to pull cars out of the flood waters here in Hallowell. Now officials are saying that could be the case again in a few days.


With warmer temperatures on the way, ice is expected to thaw which could cause more jams. Just Wednesday in Hallowell, crews were here plowing not only snow but some remains of ice that had at least a dozen cars encased in the ice.


Now the National Weather Service has issued another alert, following Wednesday's's flood warning. A reminder, that rivers hit flood stage at 12 feet. Around 1 a.m. Thursday authorities said waters were measuring over 11 feet.


They expected that number to rise before noon Thursday.


With back to back warnings, this week some resident's we spoke with say they're watching the river closely. Resident Andre Ambers said "I live here on the second floor but it makes me nervous. You know when we were having all that at 3 in the morning I woke up and it was ice traffic just going right down."


Thursday's flood warning is expected to to continue to at least the evening.


Again based off of past situations at Kennebec River, the floods are very unpredictable and authorities are advise everyone to stay as far as possible from the river..