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Augusta PD speaks up about sex offender posting pictures Featured

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AUGUSTA - The activities of a convicted sex offender have kept the Augusta police busy this week.

Police have fielded hundreds of calls from concerned parents. All questioning why a man, with sex crimes on his criminal record has yet to be arrested for taking pictures and posting them on-line.


Augusta Police Lt. Kevin Lully said "People recognized the peculiarities of these posts that he had. The pictures of the young girls. They started doing some cross checking with sex offender registry. They found his picture on the registry."


The Augusta Police Department is working closely with the Kennebec County District Attorney's Office investigating the situation. So far, though,the man is taking pictures in public places, which is perfectly legal.


Police said, above all, if you see this person taking pictures of your children, don't confront that person. However, they say, there are things you can do.


"If they're uneasy with the situation, there's a reason for it. Call it the sixth sense or parental guidance. Call. By all means, we'll investigate every call that comes in, equally." added Lt. Lully.


Thursday, nearly a dozen people in one of the Augusta shopping centers had strong opinions on the situation, but none wanted to share them on-camera.


Lt. Lully said store owners do have the right to ask somebody to leave their property if that person is disrupting business. He also stated "We ask that parents and community members do not take any confrontational action. We do not want any vigilantism."