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Bucksport Police Department concerned about crime spree Featured

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BUCKSPORT - It's not unusual for police to deal with crime. But for a department like Bucksport, which only has 8 full-time officers. They've been dealing with some heavy cases lately, something the town isn't used to seeing.

"We've been very fortunate. For the past 25 plus years, we've had violent crime," said Chief Sean Geagan of the Bucksport Police Department. "But in the last two months, it really hit us hard."


Bucksport was a very different town back 29 years ago Geagan stated. Breaking up school rivalries, bar fights and domestic abuse was some of the worst crimes officers faced. But all of that changed recently."


"We have been very busy," said Geagan. "It's been going on all around us for years and now it kind of hit here. I think it's the sign of the times basically."


Within the past few months, Bucksport has been dealing with an influx of major crimes, from homicide to four cases dealing with firearms.


"When you start to have alleged homicides, those are only covered by three different departments in the state," he said. "So we're working with the state police on one. When you start to have shootings and things of that nature, it's all hands on deck from all departments."


While a typical day is never truly quiet, Geagan is hopeful that the crime rate will go back to down to normal.


"Everyone needs to remember in every community, a quiet day in law enforcement is a good day for everybody," he said. 


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