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Flu epidemic growing across the country Featured

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NATIONWIDE (ABC NEWS) - With America in the grip of one of the worst influenza outbreaks in recent years researchers hope they're finally closing in on stronger flu shots.

And they can't come too soon.


One of the youngest victims of this year's epidemic, in fact, did get a flu shot. But it wasn't enough to save his life.


This morning the number of flu cases continue to spike from coast to coast. Dr. Adrian Cotton, Chief of Medical Operations, Ioma Linda University Health, said "This seems to be the worst flu season we've had here in at least 10 to 15 years. The epidemic is hitting California particularly hard."


There are already 142 flu-related deaths this season in San Diego County. 51 of them were reported just last week.


Across the country there are numerous reports of healthy people suddenly dying from flu-related complications. Including a marathon runner and mother of three, a body builder, and more recently, a 12 year old-boy near Detroit. 


"I just.. I still cant believe it.. I really cant." Michael Messenger's mother found him nearly unconscious in his room. Just 48 hours after suffering from flu like symptoms. She added "When I came into his room he was kind of on the floor.. His eyes were open and he was looking.. The only way I can describe it is he looked like a fish out of water. A fish trying to breath."


Doctor Leanard Pollack said there's no explaining why healthy people are dying from the flu. He stated it underscores the importance of vaccinations and getting sick people to the hopsital right away. He stated "There is medication that can be given that can help.. But it really needs to be given within the first 48 hours of symptoms. "


This flu season could linger for another 13 weeks, but there are precautions you can take. Experts advise trying not to touch certain things where germs like to hang out, such as the coffee station and water cooler at work, door handles and elevator buttons, exercise equipment at the gym, aand even salt and pepper shakers.