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"Arrive Alive" contest is now open for High School seniors Featured

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BANGOR - Teenagers are taught at an early age to make smart decisions when driving.

Unfortunately those messages don't always sink in until something major happens. That's why "Arrive Alive" is holding yet another contest.


Seniors from various high schools have a chance to enter and send a message to their peers about the dangers of drinking and driving, and distracted driving.


Joe Bornstein Marketing director Nathan Bergeron said "It's an important message to send to these teenagers in their formative driving years. For so long teachers have told them not to drink and drive parents tell them not to text and drive this gets them thinking proactively and creatively about these dangers."


Students can submit any creative project of their choice.


The first place winner wins a laptop, second and third place winners receive a new IPad and all participants receive prizes from the Joe Bornstein law firm.


To enter head HERE.