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Bangor death ruled a homicide Featured

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BANGOR - A homicide investigation is now underway in Bangor.

Police announced Thursday a man found dead inside a Second Street apartment Wednesday was murdered.


They're now trying to determine the circumstances behind the death of Israel Lewis, 51.


We learned Israel Lewis is from the Lawrence Massachusetts area. He had been living in a boarding house on Second Street when a friend discovered something was wrong. That person called police after peering through a window and seeing Lewis was on the floor and not answering. .


Bangor Police Lt. Tim Cotton said "I believe they just hadn't seen Mister Lewis and decided to go check on him and at that point they found him inside his apartment."


Lewis was already dead by the time police arrived on the scene. An autopsy conducted Thursday revealed the cause of death was homicide. At this point, police aren't commenting on the cause of death or saying why they think he was killed. Lt. Cotton added "No, I'm not going to talk about that right now. Obviously we're keeping some things to ourselves. They are working feverishly on this late into last night and again today."


Detectives have spent the day talking with people who knew Lewis and reviewing evidence collected in the case. They also want to hear from anyone who might have contact with Lewis in recent days.


Police stated there's no reason to believe other members of the public are in danger.